The first World Eating Disorders Action Day June 2nd, 2016.
It is dedicated to promoting worldwide knowledge of eating disorders and the need for comprehensive treatments.
The Virtual Gastric Band Program is a non-surgical approach to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthier bodyweight.
The use of clinical hypnotherapy provides a safe and proven alternative to surgery. Your mind is encouraged to visualize and sense, your stomach as being smaller because a virtual gastric band is placed at the stomach. The internal communication allows you to feel happily satisfied with smaller amounts of food and curbs the overeating.
The huge advantage for you is that there are no associated risks with having an invasive operation; also no foreign object (rubber band) being introduced into your body.
The VGB Program consists of 6 Sessions, conducted in weekly intervals. The program allows you to establish a healthier relationship toward food and yourself. The program duration is purposely designed to allow you to form a new, healthier lifestyle habit.
In Session 1 and 2, we identify the obstacles or hindrances in your life that have prevented your weight loss in the past. We consider the psychological, physical and environmental aspects in your life which may have contributed to unhealthy lifestyle choices. The aspect of emotional eating – what it is and is not will be covered. The program equips you with a clearer, better understanding about what is actually going on. You will learn to eat consciously and with greater awareness. The dis-connect of body-mind will change to become In-Sync. We help you to form new healthy habits that you can maintain easily and effortlessly – YES, that is true effortlessly, but most importantly naturally.
Sessions 3-6, are designed to bring about permanent change in eating habits. The sessions focus on the ‘person you want to be’, thus creating ‘new ways of being’ and successfully maintaining the changes. You will undergo a transition which harnesses the power that every individual holds within them to make changes in their lives.
About The Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band Program:

  • You are provided with The Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band Program GuidelinesSupport CD and Personalised CD

Benefits for You:

  • non-surgical approach to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthier bodyweight
  • healthy bodyweight reduces the risks of illnesses – cardiovascular, diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer and More…
  • energetic and full of vitality
  • better and wiser food choices
  • boosts self confidence, self esteem and More…
  • empowerment
  • ‘freedom’ to wear clothes – whatever, whenever you like