Most people would mention health, adopting a healthier lifestyle and rightly so.
Yet, by now, 2nd January 2016, many would have fallen short of this goal already though our health is the most important aspect in our life. It allows us to be engaged in all kinds of life activities and experiences. However, health has to be nurtured. Letting go of outdated, unhealthy habits leave many people struggling as to how to go about it. The fact is, many are battling to overcome smoking, alcohol misuse, overweight, depression and so forth…
Do you want to do something to improve your health and be true to your word, your ‘New Year resolution’? And is it time to do so NOW?
Then STOP and think about this for a moment.
Smoking is one of the worst if not the most self-destructive habit. According to the WHO – World Health Organisation, smoking related deaths of the world population account for 5 – 6 million per year. The dangers of 2nd hand smoking have long been recognised by now and an additional 6 million lives are lost per year. Many amongst them are children who die prematurely. If trends continue, it is estimated that in this century alone (2000 – 2100) 1 billion, yes 1 billion people will be dying of smoking related diseases (REUTERS 2003). The paradox is: Tobacco is legalised and the biggest killer in peace times.
It is somewhat concerning that many young Australians already opt to follow this path of destruction. In Australia, 80% of new smokers are younger than 18 years (Cancer Council of Australia).
At Satori Self Development, we strongly advocate that prevention is the key and intervene sooner than later. We have helped many people in challenging circumstances. If you are facing difficulties in life and are overwhelmed there is help and support.
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Let’s make 2016 count and let it be a year of difference to you and others.
Wishing you the very best in 2016!
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