In moving forward, Satori Self Development is excited and privileged to be in partnership with Big Yellow Umbrella, BYU (formally Camden Community Connections, CCC).
CCC has been providing services to the community of Narellan and Camden community since 1987. Today, BYU provides services to the entire Camden & Macarthur Local Government Area (LGA). The services include a Children’s Services program, Youth Services, and Community Development, including promoting and supporting a number of community groups.
The commitment has been to ensure an understanding of the people that live in the community and their needs through consultation. A key focus of the programs is to ensure equity of access for all groups in the community. The aim is to strengthen and enrich the community by connecting people with local services, community activities and each other.
What is the vision?
Simply, a strong and empowered community, where active participation in community life reduces isolation and disadvantage and improves overall quality of life.
In the coming weeks, Satori Self Development will be running programs.
So, come and join us for
Mindfulness Meditation 6 week program
Commencing 11th June, 12pm-1pm. Cost $10 per week
Narellan Child, Family and Community Centre
16-24 Queen St, Narellan NSW 2567
Wellness Seminars 6 week program [details to be announced shortly]
Improve your health, wellbeing and enjoy learning something new!
Book NOW for Mindfulness Meditation 6 week program by calling BYU on 02 46471283
BYU is a not for profit community organisation with no religious or political affiliations based in Narellan and serving the entire Camden & Macarthur Local Government Area (LGA).
Find out more, visit