May your curiosity and zest for life help you in overcoming challenges
and be humbled with gratitude in quiet, reflective moments.
What kind of routines are you practicing? Have they ever worked for you? Has life become stale because procrastination has kept you in a stuck state?
Or have you been seriously considering changing tack, take a new, fresh approach for 2019?
You probably know that a certain routine (i.e. playing it safe, being afraid of change and uncertainty) can be a prison that holds you captive to an uninspiring, dissatisfactory life. Seriously, ask yourself if you can afford or would like to continue with unhelpful routines?
The difference lies within the routine itself.
Some routines (behaviours) are destructive.
Others maintain (seemingly too much effort to change) the status quo.
The bottom line is: “What are you getting from your routines?” Perhaps more of what you don’t want? Seriously…STOP!… for a moment and ponder if you can afford to continue like this.
However, your routine can also be the catapult to new levels of fulfillment and a more meaning – and purposeful life. Better performing routines (life skills) can be established quite easily.
Hypnosis & Meditation can trigger insights with an upward spiral of accomplishment, success and life balance.
Why is that?
Because the experience of Hypnosis & Meditation practice enables you to have a closer look at yourself, the relationship you have with yourself, others and the environment. It allows you to gain greater awareness leading to a brighter, more positive outlook on life.
Hypnosis & Meditation allow for new insights…or as we call it at Satori Self Development a “satori” moment.
“Satori” moments are these rare and special occasions during which many contributing aspects seem (to be) perfectly aligned allowing for insights (lightbulb) to occur. The insights can be significant and vary from person to person. However, the newly found knowledge fosters a different, more positive and engaging approach to life in general and human interactions. This can be reflected and experienced through greater self-awareness and confidence. This is normally accompanied by higher energy levels promoting and enhancing personal growth and wellbeing.
Hypnosis & Meditation can open new doors and access previously hidden human qualities and resources. We already know that the most precious ones are kept hidden from view (just like gemstones) and reside inside of our minds at the unconscious level.
If you are tired of outdated routines which no longer deliver the desired outcomes… and you are ready to let go of them…then, perhaps curiosity gets the better of you in experiencing something different? And, if you are interested or feel the need for change please call us, Achim & Vittoria on 0407 906 999 or 4647 4868. We are here to help and support and would be privileged to be of service to you.
Achim & Vittoria are certified government accredited Clinical Hypnotherapists and hold degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology and extensive knowledge/ experience in Neuroscience and Pharmacology. Achim holds a Master of Arts in Applied Buddhist Studies and Master of Arts in Health and Social Wellbeing. Both have 20 years of combined experience in Hypnotherapy / Coaching.