As we are settling into 2020, you might have thought about goals and written them down. This is great because putting your ideas onto paper means you have somewhat off-loaded some of the strain on your mind. You may have taken further steps as to ‘how’ you are going about to ‘achieve your goals’. Rationally and analytically, it all makes good sense and it is all possible, isn’t it?

However, first and foremost, what is even more relevant and critical to goal accomplishment and the required processes is that your mind comes to the party, particularly the unconscious mind. It is there, where one’s self-identity, comprising beliefs, values, qualities, behaviours reside, and greatly determine whether your expectations will be realised or not.

Without addressing the unconscious mind, it is like driving a car without releasing the hand brake and expecting to arrive at your destination in a safe and speedy manner…nooottt!

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