Is this you?

Are you curious, eager and want to put an end to dissatisfaction and frustration but do not know yet how to go about it…?

You have made your New Year’s Resolution, again?

Decisions we tend to make once a year can become habitual – something which is easily said but never or rarely done, followed up or executed. Such decisions are made at the conscious level. However, the moment you state your resolution…somewhere at the unconscious level the saboteur is already hard at work putting its best efforts forward to keep you as far away from the goal post as possible. Soon, resignation sets in and it is better left for another year.

How come?

The answer…there is no commitment in the first place.

Saying: “I am going to do something” is not compelling enough to carry you and turn anything into decisive action. If you only were a little bit more aware, mindful…then you would quickly understand that there is no motivation, nor a driving force behind the call you just made. That reduces everything to “spirit of the moment, impulse” and that is about all there is to it.

What if you could be better prepared, plan and stick to your intention, particularly about something which really means and matters to you?

And what about if you did stick to it, enjoying the transition, gathering more motivation as you go along? We all know staying committed and maintaining commitment requires effort, therefore it can quickly fall into the “too hard basket”.

Our negativity bias does not really like to invest effort, at least not initially. It seems resistance to change is too great to overcome. Nevertheless, you might reflect on something you did well…

Something you excelled beyond your expectations…

How did this sit with you?

Surely, you will have fond memories about this accomplishment.Why depriving yourself from something precious?

At Satori Self Development we are here to help, support you to ensure your commitment keeps you focused on the task…

We only know too well how life changing it can be. It is your call if you prefer to continue depriving yourself…or step up, develop skills, and evolve as a person…

You can hesitate, wait for next year to make another New Year Resolution, or act Now.

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