I am small & compact…

I am inspiring & insightful…

I am a force for good!

I am gender neutral…

I am My Self-care Gratitude Journal.

The My Self-care Gratitude Journal was published in March 2021.

The journal is a tool to promote self-awareness, and motivation by setting daily lifestyle tasks and goals, ultimately resulting in greater Self-Care, Self-Acceptance and Gratitude.

The journal includes a Stress Reduction & Relaxation mp3.

The cost is $45.00, excluding postage/ handling.

The journal was created by Satori Self Development and beautifully printed by Ian from Tony Wolf & Son Quality Printers, Smeaton Grange NSW.

Gift this journal to yourself or someone you deeply care about as an expression of love.

For all enquiries, please contact us! 0407906999 or 46474868.