Our routines and habitual ways of going about our daily life have been disrupted.

Anxiety and anxiety related issues increase with the uncertainty of ‘if’ and ‘when’ things will return to some ‘degree of normality’.

Getting respite from a pre-occupied mind, we seek for alternatives to gain comfort in trying to alleviate concerns by indulging in unhealthy food choices – reflected in indiscriminate, mindless eating, ‘scoffing’ food and bigger portions have become the ‘new normal’.

Is this happening right now to you?

Have you gained weight in the last months?

Has junk food and snacking become your ‘new normal?’

Do you feel bloated, uncomfortable in your clothes and in your skin?

Are you disappointed and resigned?

Have you considered the long-term health issues?

There is a way forward…

At Satori Self Development we work together with you to facilitate a process of positive, healthy changes whereby you are taken from the current space of anxiety, frustration, and stress to an uplifting state of ‘self-care’.

Successful weight regulation/ loss requires lifestyle changes – eating mindfully, adjusting to appropriate eating patterns and exercise. Most issues concerning weight relate to unconscious habits or lack of awareness. Weight regulation/ loss is about re-educating your unconscious mind as it is about food and exercise.

We are here to support your decision, ensuring that you are committed to a healthier attitude and more rewarding way of life. This is achieved by using evidence-based modalities: Hypnosis, Mindfulness Meditation, CBT, NLP, EFT and Positive Psychology.

Book now, Weight Regulation Program.

The program includes

• Zoom: 1-1 session

• 6 x sessions over 12 weeks

Weekly check-in: tele-chat

• Literature: provided

2 x MP3 recordings: Support and Personalised

            Plus, complimentary 1 x MP3 recording: Stress Reduction/ Relaxation

Cost: $1,650/ program

Call us now, speak with Vittoria from Satori Self Development 0407 906 999 or 46474868.