Hypnosis for Fertility l Pregnancy l Childbirth

Hypnosis for Fertility l Pregnancy l Childbirth

The importance of maintaining a calm, relaxed and positive state of mind cannot be underestimated to ensure a healthy pregnancy, safe childbirth and healthy baby.

This time can be exciting and also daunting for many women.

There may be countless thoughts and questions…

At Satori Self Development, we provide a nurturing and caring approach from conception, pregnancy to childbirth.

The Satori Approach to Fertility l Pregnancy l Childbirth is designed for women who are

  • planning to start a family
  • pregnant
  • approaching childbirth
  • postpartum

The emphasis is on maintaining and enhancing mental health, and physical wellbeing to ensure an enjoyable experience during this important time in a woman’s life.

About the Program:

We offer a program comprising of 10 sessions, and 2 personalised recordings: pre- & postpartum.

Session (1) is 1.5 hours and subsequent Sessions (9) will be 1 hour each [face-face] or online.

Sessions can be allocated for pre- or postpartum as required.

Sessions will address:

  • Anxiety/ Stress related issues
  • Self-care: physical, mental & emotional
  • Pain Management
  • Healing
  • Building confidence, resilience & positive state of mind 

Modalities utilised:

  • Hypnosis
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

Cost: $2,350

For all enquiries, please contact Vittoria 0407 906999 or 46474868

New Year’s Resolution, again?

Is this you?

Are you curious, eager and want to put an end to dissatisfaction and frustration but do not know yet how to go about it…?

You have made your New Year’s Resolution, again?

Decisions we tend to make once a year can become habitual – something which is easily said but never or rarely done, followed up or executed. Such decisions are made at the conscious level. However, the moment you state your resolution…somewhere at the unconscious level the saboteur is already hard at work putting its best efforts forward to keep you as far away from the goal post as possible. Soon, resignation sets in and it is better left for another year.

How come?

The answer…there is no commitment in the first place.

Saying: “I am going to do something” is not compelling enough to carry you and turn anything into decisive action. If you only were a little bit more aware, mindful…then you would quickly understand that there is no motivation, nor a driving force behind the call you just made. That reduces everything to “spirit of the moment, impulse” and that is about all there is to it.

What if you could be better prepared, plan and stick to your intention, particularly about something which really means and matters to you?

And what about if you did stick to it, enjoying the transition, gathering more motivation as you go along? We all know staying committed and maintaining commitment requires effort, therefore it can quickly fall into the “too hard basket”.

Our negativity bias does not really like to invest effort, at least not initially. It seems resistance to change is too great to overcome. Nevertheless, you might reflect on something you did well…

Something you excelled beyond your expectations…

How did this sit with you?

Surely, you will have fond memories about this accomplishment.Why depriving yourself from something precious?

At Satori Self Development we are here to help, support you to ensure your commitment keeps you focused on the task…

We only know too well how life changing it can be. It is your call if you prefer to continue depriving yourself…or step up, develop skills, and evolve as a person…

You can hesitate, wait for next year to make another New Year Resolution, or act Now.

0407 906 999 or 46474868

Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic

Dear All,

At Satori Self Development we are closely monitoring the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Right now, there is much anxiety and uncertainty around the current situation.

We will continue to support the needs of our clients.

We are highly committed to continue and maintain the same level of service and responsiveness to the community.   
It is paramount to ensure the health and wellbeing of our clients and ourselves, whilst we conduct sessions face to face.

Before we start the session, each client will be provided with a face mask and asked to use hand sanitizer.

Furthermore, Skype and telephone sessions are optional.  

Additionally, Achim and I are very mindful to minimise our out of office activities with the intention to minimise any potential exposure to the coronavirus.

With thanks

Vittoria & Achim

Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy in brief……

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. Naturally occurring altered states of consciousness (daydreaming, driving a car but not really paying attention, being in the zone – a highly engaged and focused activity, being un-focused and filling a shopping trolley with items not needed) are common.

Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis conducted by a hypnotherapist in a clinical setting to another person) is a communication process which promotes a heightened state of awareness of selective and focused attention. As humans, we tend to be more receptive to new ideas and new ways of doing things in a relaxed state. Hypnotherapy deliberately induces a relaxed state of awareness. Once the mind is in a relaxed state, therapeutic suggestions can positively impact a person’s perception, allowing for desired changes in our attitudes, perceptions, feelings and behaviours to occur.

Hypnotherapy can be applied in a wide spectrum i.e. mental, physical or behavioural problems or performance enhancement. It is a natural and effective way utilising the already existing resources within the person to accomplish positive lifestyle changes resulting in healthier lifestyle choices.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful, natural (utilising the potential of the unconscious mind) therapeutic tools available to us. It enhances a better understanding about your situation and promotes resolve rather than conflict of body and mind.

It leans itself as a therapy of first choice in overcoming seemingly overwhelming, unsurmountable and complex problems. The effectiveness of hypnosis resides within its simplicity of application, and, of course the client-therapist relationship based on trust and confidentiality.

Providing services in Harrington Park [Mon. – Sat.] and Double Bay [each Thursday, by appointment].

If you or someone you know needs help, do call us for a chat……

Top 25 Most Popular Health and Fitness Services for 2019!!

Top 25 Most Popular Health and Fitness Services for 2019!!

We are excited to have received an award from The Health4You Team. Satori Self Development has been listed in the Top 25 Most Popular Health and Fitness Services for 2019.
Health4You is Australia’s leading online marketplace for health and fitness with 56,000+ listings.
Satori Self Development provides services in Double Bay [Thursday only; by appointment only] and Harrington Park.
Here is how we have been ranked:
# 1 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service in Campbelltown
# 1 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service in Macarthur & Camden
# 3 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service in Western Sydney
# 4 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service in the Sydney Region
# 8 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service in New South Wales
# 21 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service in Australia
Visit: www.satorihypnosissydney.com.au
Call us: 0407 906 999 or 02 46474868
Mind comes to the Party!!

Mind comes to the Party!!

As we are settling into 2020, you might have thought about goals and written them down. This is great because putting your ideas onto paper means you have somewhat off-loaded some of the strain on your mind. You may have taken further steps as to ‘how’ you are going about to ‘achieve your goals’. Rationally and analytically, it all makes good sense and it is all possible, isn’t it?

However, first and foremost, what is even more relevant and critical to goal accomplishment and the required processes is that your mind comes to the party, particularly the unconscious mind. It is there, where one’s self-identity, comprising beliefs, values, qualities, behaviours reside, and greatly determine whether your expectations will be realised or not.

Without addressing the unconscious mind, it is like driving a car without releasing the hand brake and expecting to arrive at your destination in a safe and speedy manner…nooottt!

Remember, your unconscious mind is your powerhouse – make it work for you in 2020! At Satori Self Development, we are ready to assist you reach your destination!! Call us now 0407 906 999 or 02 46474868