Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks


Are you afraid when you do not need to be?

Everyone is scared of something at some stage in their lives.

Fact is, what causes panic in one person has no effect on another. Each one of us experiences threats in their subjective way and has a different tolerance ( threshold level ) to the threat.

Quite commonly, a person experiencing fear appears not to be in a position to move out of the anxious state; there is a degree of helplessness. As a consequence, relationships may suffer resulting in misunderstandings and frustration.

As we know, nothing is permanent in life and fear is not permanent. Let me be clear here: Fears have nothing to do with being considered weak or lacking courage.

We distinguish four areas of fears:

  • Basic phobias: Fear of insects, Animals, Elevators, Heights, Flying
  • Related fears: Examinations, Fear of success, Public speaking, Meeting new people
  • Intimidating situations
  • Panic Attacks

People affected by any of the above may express shame, embarrassment and frustration. However, there are also fears which can develop from a single traumatic past experience.

If your fear(s) are dominating and limiting your life you may want to consider doing something about the situation now.

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