Hypnotherapy is a communication process which promotes a heightened state of awareness of selective and focused attention.
Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.

We experience altered states (daydreaming or while driving a car) many times throughout the day.

Clinical hypnosis deliberately induces a relaxed state of awareness. Once the mind is in a relaxed state, therapeutic suggestions can have beneficial effects on attitudes and perceptions. This allows for desired changes of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to occur.

Hypnosis can improve mental, physical, or behavioural problems and performance (public speaking, sports, academic studies, work…).

It is one of the most powerful (utilising the potential of the unconscious mind) therapeutic tools available to us. It promotes a greater understanding about your situation and better connection of mind-body.

The more specific your concern is, the greater the possibility to get the results you desire. Hypnosis leans itself as a therapy of first choice in overcoming what initially might appear to be overwhelming, unsurmountable, and complex problems.

The effectiveness of hypnosis resides within its simplicity of use, and of course the client-therapist relationship which resides in a space of trust and confidentiality.

Satori Self Development is able to assist you with positive lifestyle changes accompanied by healthier perceptions and beliefs through hypnotherapy.

What is hypnotherapy and how does it work?

Hypnotherapy is a process which helps you to become congruent, aligned in your way of thinking and associated behaviour.

It is an important therapeutic treatment to overcome and resolve conflicting behaviours.

The therapy enhances communication between the conscious and the subconscious state. Furthermore, it enhances communication processes beyond conscious awareness at the unconscious level (improved immune system, lower heart rate, blood pressure).

This can be achieved while you experience a natural, relaxed state and the unconscious mind remains awake and receptive to suggestions.

Hypnotherapy, if required in conjunction with local medical and health professionals, provides an excellent and helpful adjunct to conventional medicine in overcoming your personal challenges.

How does hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy helps you with the ability to change attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. It can be effective in treating a range of medical and psychological issues.

The process encourages you to tap into your own resources, adjusting appropriately to your problems resulting in positive outcomes.

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Why choose Satori Self Development for Hypnotherapy

Satori Self Development understands that a positive outcome is critical and that you experience the benefit of the therapeutic intervention for a long time.  People of average intelligence (unless there is some form of organic brain damage) can be hypnotised.

Hypnotherapy is a combined effort between client and therapist to establish beneficial outcomes.

The depth of hypnosis is experienced by everyone in their unique way. The depth level as such is not solely responsible for the outcomes as it varies with a person’s ability to respond.

Hypnosis is a consent situation between hypnotherapist and client.

Both work as a team.

If a person has control issues or is reluctant to let go of their core beliefs, therapeutic progress could prove slow. Nevertheless, it does not mean progress cannot be made.

We are professional and ethical therapists and have resources to make adjustments if resistance of some kind is present.


My daughter is 7 years old, she was diagnosed with ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, when she was 3 years old. Since then, she has seen Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, and Psychologists. She will always have ASD and experience for example things such as various consuming feelings, a disconnect with certain social aspects of people and life or an overactive/under active sensory input. Through attending the Hypnotherapy sessions with Satori Self Development though, has allowed my daughters confidence, adaptability, independence and most importantly her happiness to shine through her consuming fears and anxieties, self-doubt, and rigidness. This of course is not the limits to what working with Vittoria has done for her. She has opened to be the beautiful little butterfly I know her to be.  Kimberley

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