Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is aimed at people who are doing well and living a satisfying life. However, you may feel that you have not been able to adjust your lifestyle and behaviour to your liking and struggle committing to action(s).

Often it can be a mismatch of values, uncertainty and disbelief hindering you. It is important to understand that overwhelm and disbelief can be broken down and no longer need to constitute a barrier which stand in the way of change.

The coaching process is educational, insightful and evidence based with a strong focus on the mind. Your wellness vision can include physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial aspects.

Life Coaching can help lay the foundation, finding the inspiration and motivation to get started on improving emotional and physical health.

Satori Self Development are qualified life coaches / life purpose coaches and can assist you improve your mental or emotional health so you can achieve the goals you want for your life.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach helps you achieve your full potential getting the results you desire. The role of a life coach is to help you by empowering and encouraging you to live a more rewarding, satisfying life.

Top athletes have a coach. Football teams have a coach. Netball teams have a coach.

So why do you need a life coach?

Think about the examples above of all the sports teams / athletes using a coach. Imagine these teams without a coach. Who would lead and guide them? How would they get the knowledge and insights they need to succeed? How would they perform?

There are also business coaches. They coach and support management personnel and CEOs of businesses to succeed or take their business to the next level. They help and contribute to grow and expand the business.

A life coach provides you with guidance, support and encouragement while holding you accountable throughout the process. They help you better understand your current situation and identify areas that are potential challenges or blockages, and blind spots you may not be aware off.

By nurturing your own self-discovery, a life purpose coach helps you to plan and design strategies and actions that get you closer to the specific outcomes you want for your life.

Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching is a solution-focused, collaborative process in which a coach focuses on assisting an individual discover their inner driver / purpose and will guide the individual toward a more productive, desired life.

Once you have gained clarity about yourself, and what really matters to you, it allows you to use your strengths and resources more effectively.

Gaining a better understanding about your values and beliefs, making, and undergoing changes and adjustments, promoting, and aligning you with the most important aspects of your life enables you to take on new meaning and purpose.

As with most things, it is a process, and an extremely rewarding one as well. With greater clarity, drive, and more energy life…and living life becomes a new experience.

This results in greater engagement, resilience, joy, happiness and so forth.

Most importantly, the discovery of life purpose is an exciting and rewarding undertaking.

A person’s quality of life highly depends on the willingness to engage in personal development. It is a worthwhile commitment, cultivated and embedded within profound respect (between coach and client) in a trusting, safe setting, accounting for the uniqueness of the individual.

A fruitful coaching environment / relationship is heavily based on some of the following qualities:

  • Trust
  • Active listening
  • Alignment of values and beliefs
  • Curiosity
  • Goal setting
  • Encouraging an outcome focus
  • Actioning steps
  • Commitment

What are the benefits of life purpose coaching?

If you have identified a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, you will benefit from life purpose coaching.

People who seek life purpose coaching do so for varied reasons.

Overcoming the fear of failure, limiting beliefs, difficulties in decision making, struggling to find more meaning in their lives, seeking a less hectic but more peaceful way of living. Yet, others may find it difficult to communicate at a social or professional level.

People ask themselves: “Is this (career, job, life) really what I was meant to do? It just does not sit right with me but what can I do?”

Life purpose coaching assists and encourages you to reflect, investigate, gain clarity, and come aboard on a search, navigating life changing experiences, getting closer to things that matter, captivate your attention and interest, ideas and dreams you wish to pursue.

Finding your purpose allows you to grow from your experiences, making you aware of hidden qualities, be more confident, self-driven.

Becoming aware, self-reliant, gaining a better understanding of past experiences allows you to overcome self-imposed limitations, making it easier to let go of limiting beliefs. It helps you to clarify and decide what really matters and is important to you.

The aim is to understand the “fire in the belly”, become aware what really defines you. You will understand the importance and the differences between achievement and success.

Life purpose coaching addresses important and relevant stages of your lived experiences. The coaching program intends to be a tool that guides you to become aware, gain a better understanding what is / are your inner driver/s and makes you want to get out of bed and live a more fulfilling, and meaningful life.


The Insurance Industry can be a tough place to work at times. Be it Broking, Underwriting or working in Claims, there are challenges we deal with that can take a toll on us personally.
The Insurance division of Momenta Advisors recently engaged Satori Self Development to work with us to provide us with strategies to deal with the stress we face in our work and personal lives.
Satori Self Development explain why we feel the feelings we feel and why the body reacts in the way it does. Understanding why we are feeling the way we do helps.
Thank you, Satori Self Development, we are enjoying the journey you are taking us on. 

Director at Momenta Insurance Advisors Pty Ltd    Peter Boshell

People come to Satori Self Development for coaching.

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Why choose Satori Self Development

Vittoria and Achim at Satori Self Development are experienced life coaches / life purpose coaches that can help you realise your potential. A first meeting will set the agenda, addressing goals, expectations and outcomes coupled with an emphasis of enjoying and focusing on the path rather than the goal. The idea is that you are empowered and develop skill sets which enable sustainable behaviours in the future. Throughout the process, we will draw on principles from Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Positive Psychology. We are ethical and professional therapists / coaches and are experienced in life purpose coaching to help you gain clarity, ignite your passion and tap into your courage and discover your inner strengths. Don’t leave the best (YOU) for last.

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