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Do you struggle with internal conflicts, lacking direction and do not know how to break through the fog of indecisiveness?
The life purpose life coaching program could be just what you are looking for. It will help you to accomplish alignment with your beliefs and values. In short, it covers where you come from, where you are right now and where you would rather like to be.
Yet, at the same time, the program works for individuals who are doing well but do not know yet how to get to the next level. Either way, the coaching program provides valuable insights and tools.
During the coaching process, you will gain a better understanding about yourself, how you see yourself, what motivates you to take certain actions. Coaching allows you to become aware of internal and external influences and considers various life aspects.
As a result, you will raise your self-awareness by understanding the importance of staying present. Furthermore, you will gain clarity about yourself and your aspirations…things that really matter to you.
At the same time, the program is highly flexible and designed that you can use it on anything you wish, may it be reducing stress, getting healthier, starting a business, improving your relationships, choices, decision making processes and so forth.                                                                                                                                    Over a 90-day period, you can develop new, better ways of doing things if you seek improvement in any area of your life, and then structure it accordingly.
The process allows you to have a much better understanding about, what motivates you while exploring and experiencing life with new perspectives, leading to a fuller, enriched, healthier, more satisfying, and purposeful life.


Session Duration: 1.5 hours, total of 8 sessions
Program Duration: 3 months
Inclusion: Digital My Self-care Gratitude Journal, plus the Stress Reduction & Relaxation mp3 recording
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Achim Schenk 0473 913 873
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