MINDFUL Eating = Healthy MIND and BODY – Group

Category: Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation

Type: Group


The practise of Mindfulness is the starting point to raise self-awareness, becoming more present, allowing you to switch from autopilot to a more conscious, self-reflective way of living. Staying present… becoming aware of the mind-body interaction opens the door to a healthier, more caring, and nurturing way of being.
Mindfulness practise will lay the foundation to overcome self-defeating problems and challenges.
The aim of the program is to improve the relationship you have with yourself and towards food and maladaptive behaviours.
Develop a new structure and routine keeping you safe, focused, and motivated while exploring and experiencing the mindful approach of eating.
Learn key strategies to adopt beneficial eating habits and activities supported and motivated by a positive mindset leading to a healthy weight and happier way of living.

Participants: limited to 20
Where: TBA
When: TBA
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm Saturday and Sunday
Program Duration: 2 days
RSVP with payment: TBA
Preparation: Program schedule and instructions
Inclusion: Digital My Self-care Gratitude Journal, plus the Stress Reduction & Relaxation mp3 recording
Contact: Find out more, please call us:
Achim Schenk 0473 913 873 info@satoriselfdevelopment.com.au