Overcoming Jealousy, Anger, Rage, Guilt


For many people Anger has become a chronic problem. Frequently people see themselves as a victim of their life’s events.

Anger may just be the response to their feelings and helplessness of the situation(s) they find themselves in.

Whilst, others who have experienced trauma and other negative events understandably harbour anger about the incidents and those who caused them.

Rage is an even more intense emotional reaction than anger.

The way we feel about ourselves and consequently live life heavily relates to the emotions we foster and store inside. Our daily actions, habits and experiences are closely related to our “state of being “.

Holding onto negative emotions can be very harmful and in more serious circumstances rather destructive to self and others.

Whatever your situation is right now and wherever you may see yourself now – it is possible for you to regain and claim control of your life once more.

Your outlook of life may improve for the better and quicker than you thought possible. A lot depends on what you want and how much you want it.  Would it be worthwhile to find out what can be done?

Does living a more rewarding, full, purposeful and healthier life appeal to you?

Are you unsure how to go about it?

Ask for support. It is only one question.

What is it you desire or is missing in your life?

Give yourself permission to make the next step.

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