Weight Regulation


Overweight and obesity are highly prevalent in Australia. Conservatively speaking, more than 60% of the Australia’s adult population can be considered overweight / obese.

Being overweight carries certain risk factors:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Certain cancers
  • Psychosocial problems
  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Healing impairment of chronic disorders

As we all know, many people put themselves on a diet. The fact that new books with crash diets are continuously flooding the market seems to indicate a huge gregarious hunger to get the hands onto the latest “recommendation”.

None of the diet books, and for that reason most organisations in the diet industry ever consider the person’s belief system. Just prescribing to the latest diet frenzy will not cut it.

The focus is on quick and fast results. Problem is, most people doing that will violate their bodies in doing so. 

Developing an Effective Weight-Loss / Weight Regulation Strategy – you only have to get it right once! 

There is no better companion to help you regulating your weight than your own body! Are you aware of it? Yet, most people fail to understand what it takes to really know what your body needs and wants.

It is about gaining a better understanding how things come together.

Successful weight loss requires lifestyle changes, different foods adjusting to appropriate eating patterns and exercise. Many issues relating to our weight relate to unconscious habits. Weight Loss is as much about re-educating your unconscious mind as it is about food and exercise.

Hypnosis, EFT and NLP techniques can help you regulate your weight. You will learn to be relaxed about your situation and develop a new, healthy and positive outlook toward your personal goals and life in general.

However, based on the latest research, conducted by Nottingham University, England some 10 -15% will not experience an effective weight loss due to their genetic makeup.

If you fall into this category there is still a lot you can do about:

  • the way you eat
  • what you eat
  • when you eat
  • the amount of food you eat
  • the beliefs you hold about yourself
  • the way you feel about yourself
  • get & stay motivated
  • lift your self esteem

What can Satori Self Development do for me?

Effective weight loss / weight regulation is available to individuals and groups.

Based on what has been already said above, 85% of people stand a fair chance to regulate their body weights in a healthy manner.

It all depends on you and how much you really want it!

Imagine what it will do for you, how you will feel?

What will be different in your life?

Are you ready now?

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