Relationships – good, bad, or non-existent are the most important and complex aspects in most people’s lives.

It is interesting to read book titles such as: “Intimate Enemies” – “Why you can’t or won’t make your partner happy” – “Men who hate women and the women who love them”.

It seems there is a battlefield or something similar out there. And listening to what people have to say about “relationships” makes it fairly clear.

Many express Resentment, Anger and even Hatred whilst speaking about their current relationships. Some people blatantly seem to refuse to make their partners happy, and still want to be loved by them. It is all at odds.

However, there are also relationship dynamics at work and within families causing pain, suffering and ongoing concerns to many.

There can be many blind spots in our relationships of which we are not consciously aware off. If there is no insight in this area, it is highly likely that you are doing the same thing repeatedly.

Ruminating, and blaming others becomes the most active exercise throughout the day. The result is feeling drained right to the core. It is an extremely exhaustive and tiring activity.

Rising above negative emotions, understanding self-sabotaging thoughts play a big part in the dynamics of relationships. Many behaviour patterns are run unconsciously – the blame can be removed instead of reliving it daily.

It can make the difference between a great, healthy, supportive, loving relationship or a depleting one. Just imagine, what it would do to your life.

So, what is it that you want in a relationship?

How much does it really matter to you?

Are you prepared to work towards a loving, lasting relationship?

Yes, it takes effort. Does that surprise you?

Do you not want to start doing something about it now?

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