My Self-care Gratitude Journal


Gift the My Self-care Gratitude Journal to yourself or someone you deeply care about as an expression of love.


I am small & compact…

I am inspiring & insightful…

I am a force for good!

I am gender neutral…

I am My Self-care Gratitude Journal

About the My Self-care Gratitude Journal

The My Self-care Gratitude Journal, is a tool to promote self-awareness, and motivation by setting daily lifestyle tasks and goals, ultimately resulting in greater Self-care, Self-acceptance and Gratitude.

The journal includes a Stress Reduction & Relaxation mp3.

The journal was locally created by Satori Self Development and beautifully printed by Ian from Tony Wolf & Son Quality Printers, Smeaton Grange NSW.

The cost is $45, inclusive GST (excluding Postage & Handling).

For all enquiries, please contact Satori Self Development

0407 906 999 or (02) 46474868

[email protected]


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