What is NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming?

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro relates to our neurology and the ways we process information from our five senses through to our nervous system.

Linguistic concerns the use of language systems to make sense of the world, not just words but symbol systems which includes gestures and postures. In NLP, linguistics is the study of how the words you speak, and your body language influence your experience.

Programming is based on the premise that our human mental software is like that of a computer where experience can be stored, transformed, simulated, coded, deleted, installed, or upgraded.

This process is ongoing, and the human experience has all life experiences filtered through the senses.

All information directed towards us is consciously and unconsciously processed, filtered, updated, deleted…becoming a generalised, distorted internal map of the world.

This internal map runs and influences the unique physiology, state of being and resulting behaviour of every person.

NLP essentially concerns the processes by which we create an internal representation… being our unique, personal experience… of the external world of REALITY through language and our neurology.

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How does NLP work?

NLP has its roots in behavioural science (Pavlow, Skinner, Thorndike). It utilises the physiology (physical and biological states) and the unconscious mind to change thought processes, perceptions, and behaviours.

It is also referred to as the human study of excellence, and how human beings go about making sense of their experiences and interactions with others.

NLP is highly practical.

It consists of a set of models, skills, and techniques for thinking and acting more effectively in the world.

The purpose of NLP is to increase choice and to enhance the quality of life.

Furthermore, NLP relies heavily on modelling, action, and successful communication. The concept is that if a person can comprehend how another person completes a task, the method may be reproduced and conveyed to others so that they, too, can complete the activity successfully.

It is used to gain a better, more insightful understanding about how people think, useful skills, patterns or techniques which can contribute to elevate a person’s performance.

NLP proposes that putting people into personality types or psychopathology only promotes people getting and staying stuck.

NLP is process – and structure orientated assisting individuals to grow, change or heal.

Why does Satori Self Development use NLP?

Conflicts frequently occur when behaviours mismatch with an individual’s core beliefs and values. Satori Self Development uses NLP because it is very helpful in challenging a person’s belief and value system.

The method provides additional and important insights into how an individual processes experiences, perceives the inner / outer world. It can look at a person’s “internal mind chatter” detecting defeatist or positive attitudes.

NLP allows for constructive feedback by enabling the individual to better understand different points of view, learning, and understanding why things are the way they are and how circumstances can change for the better.

Most importantly, it places the person in charge, and for that matter in control of their situation.

NLP focuses on the individual’s processes and can provide tools and insights promoting a shift from “helpless” to become more “self-assertive and empowered” instead.

Since NLP is experiential, it allows a person to quickly self-verify mental and physical shifts which are the result of more beneficial behaviour patterns.

Therefore, NLP, when coupled with other tools (therapeutic interventions / treatments) can form a powerful part of a formidable toolkit for personal growth and success.

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